Union New Jersey Home Insurance


Union New Jersey Home Insurance

Securing your home in Union, New Jersey, presents a distinctive challenge in the dynamic landscape of urban living. Home insurance isn't just a financial precaution; it's a crucial defense against the unpredictable elements that can disrupt the tranquility of your urban abode. 

Union, NJ Average Home Insurance Cost

Determining the average cost of homeowners insurance in Union, NJ involves considering various factors, such as coverage limits, location, and the age of the home. According to Bankrate, the average cost of homeowners insurance in the United States is $1,428 per year for $250,000 in dwelling coverage. However, the actual rates may vary depending on unique factors like the age of a home, square footage, cost of building materials, and location. Each state has different regulations and natural hazards that also impact the cost of home insurance.

According to Policygenius, the national average cost of homeowners insurance is $146 per month, or $1,752 a year. However, this rate may vary depending on the coverage limit and other factors. Insurance.com reports that the average cost of homeowners insurance in New Jersey is $1,149 per year for a policy with $300,000 in dwelling coverage. The Zebra also provides a platform to compare home insurance quotes from top companies.

It is essential to obtain personalized quotes to determine the specific cost of homeowners insurance in Union, NJ, and to consider the unique factors that may impact the cost of coverage.

Average Home Insurance Costs for Different Coverage Limits:

No. Coverage Details Average Annual Cost
01 $100,000 $473
02 $200,000 $761
03 $300,000 $1,149
04 $400,000 $1,428
05 $500,000 $1,752
These figures underscore the importance of obtaining personalized quotes to ascertain the specific cost of homeowners insurance in Union, NJ. It is essential to factor in the unique elements that may impact coverage costs, ensuring comprehensive and tailored protection for homeowners in the area.

Zip Codes Covered in Union, NJ

Union, NJ, boasts several ZIP codes, each serving as a distinctive identifier within this vibrant community. These ZIP codes are integral to various services, particularly postal deliveries. Here's a summary of key ZIP codes in Union:

  • 07033
  • 07083
  • 07088
  • 07208

About Union, NJ

In Hudson County, New Jersey, Union City emerges as a vibrant municipality with a distinctive urban character. Ideally positioned between the bustling metropolises of New York and Newark, Union City enjoys seamless connectivity through major arteries like Interstate 495 and New Jersey Route 495. The city, celebrated for its cultural diversity, graces the Hudson River waterfront with pride.

  • Total Population: 587,000 in 2023
  • Median Property Value: $540,000 in 2023
  • Median Household Income: $87,369 in 2021
  • Median Age: 38.9

Major Neighborhoods in Union, NJ

Union, NJ, is adorned with a tapestry of major neighborhoods, each contributing to the town's vibrant and diverse residential landscape. These neighborhoods cater to various preferences and lifestyles, offering a range of housing options and amenities that make Union an appealing place to call home.

  • Battle Hill: Known for its historical significance and charming residential streets, Battle Hill exudes a sense of community pride.
  • Connecticut Farms: With its tree-lined streets and welcoming atmosphere, Connecticut Farms provides a tranquil residential setting.
  • Fairway Drive: This neighborhood offers a blend of modern living with convenient access to local amenities and green spaces.
  • Five Points: A central hub, Five Points is characterized by its accessibility and proximity to key landmarks and facilities.
  • Galloping Hill: Nestled amidst scenic surroundings, Galloping Hill offers a peaceful residential experience.
  • Liberty Hall: Rich in history, Liberty Hall combines historical charm with modern comforts, making it an engaging neighborhood.
  • Putnam Manor: Known for its residential charm and family-friendly atmosphere, Putnam Manor is a sought-after community.
  • Salem Road: A picturesque neighborhood, Salem Road boasts a mix of architectural styles and a close-knit community feel.
  • Vauxhall: With a diverse housing stock, Vauxhall provides a welcoming environment for residents of all walks of life.
  • Washington Avenue: Offering a blend of residential and commercial spaces, Washington Avenue is a dynamic and bustling part of Union.

Union, NJ Emergency Services Contact Information

In times of crisis, quick access to emergency services is imperative. Here are the essential contact details for Union, New Jersey:

Fire Department

  • 507 Shoe Factory Rd
  • Blairsville, GA 30512
  • Non-Emergency Phone: (706) 439-6095

Police Department

For additional emergency contact information or updates, residents can visit the Union Township website or contact the Union County Division of Emergency Services. Familiarizing oneself with these contacts is crucial for ensuring a prompt and effective response in any emergency.


The nuanced facets of average home insurance costs, intricately shaped by coverage limits and location variables, underscore the imperative of procuring bespoke quotes for a precisely calibrated coverage strategy. The town leverages a robust emergency services framework, ensuring the salient safety of residents.

Each major neighborhood exudes distinctive charm, collectively augmenting Union's cachet as a coveted residential enclave. Attaining a comprehensive and tailored homeowners insurance policy mandates a meticulous consideration of the town's intricate characteristics. Active collaboration with local emergency services fortifies communal safety, solidifying Union as a quintessential abode catering to diverse lifestyles.


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